Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Selecting the Right Loan Product

There are plenty of loan options available in the market today, and selecting the right home loan for you is quite critical. Amidst the vast selection home loan options, choosing the right loan product has an immense impact on your financial future. This can be perplexing for most consumers because real estate, no matter how we try to simplify the case, is a still a complicated matter. Talking to a mortgage expert like Vahe Hayrapetian can help the consumers decide on which property they should buy — considering a list factors that are essential in making the decision.

Here are some tips to guide you on your home loan probe.

  • Talk to a reliable broker. Consulting a several brokers can lead you to your future home in no time. They can introduce you loan programs for different niches. These niches pertain to your financial situation. Find a broken that can offer the best loan programs suited to your unique financial condition. 
  • Identify the terms before comparing the rates. This refers to the length of loans – 30 year, 40 year, 50 year and interest only loan. The interest only loan is the one which you never have to pay off, but you have to make the monthly interest payments. The second one is the length of rate. According to experts, the safest loan is the 30-year fixed rate mortgage. You should also study the pre-payment penalty which is considered important in the home loan process.
  • Shop the rates and closing costs. After identifying the terms, the next step is to hire one mortgage broker that can pull a tri-merge credit report and ask for a copy of it. Have a copy of necessary files (credit report, bank statements, and tax returns) when you visit your mortgage broker and consult with them about the terms you exactly want for the loan. Your broker must provide a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) as well, so ask. 
  • Compare apples to apples. Seek the assistance of your broker in distinguishing which loan you should opt for. Always remember that practicality should matter after all. Compare your GFE’s total monthly payment and choose the lowest. The same case goes with GFE’s closing costs. However, be advised that some mortgage brokers will underestimate these costs to make their GFE more attractive but will explain them away at closing. This gets complicated, which is why you need to hire a reliable broker that will clearly illustrate the home ownership process step-by-step. 
  • Lock your rate. Rates do fluctuate from time to time, so locking your rate is necessary. If you fail to do so within 30-45 days before closing, your lender might penalize your rate. 

The decision to purchase a home can be kind of intimidating and is very complicated, but knowing the process and doing it in a systematic way can free you from hassle of unfavorable circumstances in having your dream property.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Find the Dream Home You Can Afford

It is heartbreaking to learn that you can’t have the property you’ve been eyeing for so long just because of financial restraints. As much as we want to settle in a place we can call home, we have to accept that maybe some things we want in life are not meant for us—or do we? There are many options you can consider in purchasing a new home for you and your family.

The Home Loan Originator’s Role

Vahe Hayrapetian, an experienced professional home loan originator, can help first-time home buyers distinguish the essential factors to consider before in their search for prospects. There are surely many available properties that suit your lifestyle and your ideal residence. The tough question is, are they pocket-friendly? It is more practical to know your financial capacity first before roaming around to look for the perfect haven.

Why Pre-approval is Recommended

Securing a home loan is harder than you might think. That’s why most loan advisers recommend loan pre-approval to ensure smooth financial management during property purchase. Aside from that, there are other benefits we can obtain from opting for pre-approval loans.

First is limited search, which narrows your home search based on your financial situation. It saves you and your real estate agent the time and effort for visiting properties you cannot buy anyway. 

Second, it can lead to a faster transaction. As soon as you have figured out your allotted budget for buying a home, you can now establish an offer for the house that you like. This can shorten the entire process and you can immediately move to your new home.

However, before you can enjoy these benefits, you have to find an expert like Vahe Hayrapetian who can assist you in every phase of the home buying process. Vahe and his team will help you find the perfect lender who has a wide variety of loan options well-fitted to your financial stability. Call now to start your consultation on mortgage pre-approval.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Vahe Gives Back

With all the successes he has achieved in his professional life, Vahe Hayrapetian decided to put his good fortune to good use by giving back to others. By being fully involved in the Armenian community and the “Focus on Children Now” organization, Vahe and his team aspire to live by their group motto, “Breaking the poverty cycle, one child at a time.”

Focus on Children Now’s Educational Program

The program aims to focus on the educational needs of children. The group’s target is to bring technology-based programs to disadvantaged students to improve the quality of their learning experience. Vahe Hayrapetian is so proud to support this movement and hopes to move forward in improving the program.

Focus on Children Now’s Nutrition Program

In this project, the organization provides complete meals for students in the program. So far, the program has already provided meals to over 750 kids enrolled in Kindergarten through 12th grade, as well as those involved in after school activities. Thankfully, the program has had a positive impact on children in need. After several months of execution, school officials are very happy to report that students’ attendance rates are escalating, their grades are getting better and the kids are happy and contributing more to the school community.

Vahe Hayrapetian is an active philanthropist and has deep compassion for helping those in need through the Focus on Children Now organization. He encourages everyone to take the time and effort to help the needy. Trust us, they’re worth it.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Purchasing Your First Home? Learn the Best Tips from Vahe Hayrapetian

Buying property for the first time can be quite overwhelming. Unfortunately, buying a property does not just mean browsing pretty houses on the internet and paying for it. There are a lot of factors to consider in purchasing a home for the first time, and your trusted home financing agent Vahe Hayrapetian is more than willing to help by giving you these valuable pieces of advice.

Stick to a Budget

Sticking to a certain budget might seem discouraging, but it makes the process easier for you as the budget limits your options. The budget would also make you think about what kind of home you really need. If you’re a newly married couple, you probably don’t need a seven-bedroom home right away. If you’re unsure of how to go about the home-buying process, consult with a financial service professional to help you take an analytical look at your finances.

Attend a Seminar

Many real estate and mortgage experts provide free seminars for first-time home buyers. Take advantage of these lectures, take notes carefully and use these free resources to build your knowledge base. Every development in the real estate market can impact your purchase, so it’s best to be informed.

Understand Mortgage Options

Most of us are not blessed with a big enough budget to be able to purchase a home with cash, and as a solution, a mortgage needs to be obtained. A mortgage is a type of loan that uses the property as collateral to the bank lending the financial assistance. It’s advisable to sit down and figure out your goals as a homeowner. Weigh your options carefully, and most importantly, speak with several lenders before making a final decision about your mortgage.

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