Friday, February 26, 2016

Spring Interest rates at a low and new home purchases!

This spring will bring new and exciting ventures to the real estate market. Mortgage interest rates are at a low! If you're in the market to purchase a single family home, or investment property, now is the time! A 30 year Fixed Rate Mortgage is 3.5%, so you'll get more for your money. What's more attractive than a lower mortgage rate? A 15 year fixed rate mortgage at 2.95%! Have you ever heard the term "it's a buyers market"? Now, is the time to purchase your next home or investment property. Staying on top of interest rate trends is a key for home buyers and Realtors. Purchasing a new home is a commitment that must be made with deliberation and confidence in the company and market.

These interest rates won't last forever, so start shopping for a home today. For more information on how you can take advantage of this opportunity, Vahe Hayrapetian can help. It would be best to check out our Facebook page or visit our website:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

California Real Estate is Getting Hot Once Again

After nearly a decade of decline, the housing market across California is finally beginning to sizzle once again. Credit options are becoming more readily available and accessible, and prospective homebuyers and sellers are starting to connect once again. The housing market is not something to navigate alone, however, so you need the services of a highly qualified professional that can service the needs of realtors and homebuyers alike.

Vahe Hayrepetian should be your primary source for a home loan. Financing options are plentiful today, but to get the best deal requires a bit of foresight and knowledge. Vahe has nearly two decades of experience in this area, and his mission is to find the best financing options available for each individual homebuyer and realtor that comes his way.

California is ripe for real estate action. With millions of homes currently on the market, you will want a professional on your side working to get the best possible financing so that you can get into the home of your dreams. With interest rates slated to gradually begin increasing throughout 2016, there is perhaps no time better than now to pursue a new home purchase in earnest.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Buying Foreclosed Homes: Factors to Keep in Mind as You Plan

Foreclosed homes are residential properties that have been seized by banks and then offered to buyers so as to recoup the initial investment made on the home. In most cases, such properties are priced lower to compensate for any renovations you may have to bear.

Plan for Some Repairs

Always anticipate some amount of necessary repair. Familiarize yourself with the general costs repair works like painting and replacing windows. Once you get an estimate of repair cost, add that to the asking price for the home, and see whether it still falls within your budget.

Base Costs Estimates on Professionals’ Figures

Never base your repairs budget on DIY estimates. Use figures prepared by professionals instead. With this approach, when the repair time comes and you feel like doing the work on your own, you will end up having some money to spare.

Always Get Legal Representation

It could cost you dearly to sign a purchase contract without understanding fully what it could mean in the long term for you. Getting a reputable real estate lawyer can help you in terms of understanding better the terms of property sale.

For home buyers and realtors alike, Vahe Hayrapetian can help you. For more information on what we do, please visit our website at or call us at 818-964-1788.