Monday, May 25, 2015

Find the Right Instrument for Your Needs

Craftsmen often talk about the importance of using the right tool for the job. When tightening a screw, they know that using the wrong size screwdriver can strip the head of the screw, potentially making it impossible to tighten fully or loosen later on. In a similar way, families or couples that employ the wrong home financing option could find themselves in a financial situation that they are neither comfortable with nor able to get out of. Thus, it is important to know some basic facts about the different types of home loan options.

Fixed-Rate Mortgages

Generally, the purchasing power of money goes down over time due to market forces; this is also true for the housing market, where the prices of homes usually go up over time. If the mortgage a home buyer applied for is affected by the market, the tendency is for their mortgage costs to go up long-term. Therefore, if a home buyer intends to own or stay within a certain property for decades, he or she will usually want to be insulated from such price volatility. In this case, applying for a fixed-rate mortgage will be ideal.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

While the fixed-rate mortgage is fit for long-term needs, adjustable-rate mortgages are designed for those who have a shorter time horizon in mind. People who do not intend to stay long in the home they own (whether to move to a better one or for some other reason) can avail of adjustable rate mortgages. What’s the benefit? Adjustable-rate mortgages generally have lower initial interest rates than fixed-rate mortgages. Therefore, the home buyer may imagine that he or she will be able to move out and get out of the commitment before their mortgage payments have a chance to go up. There are other home financing options, such as hybrid home loans, available for people with different risk appetites. If you are planning to buy a home and are not aware of the instruments that may be within your reach, a home financing expert such as Vahe Hayrapetian should be able to help inform you.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Advice for First-Time Home Buyers

For many people, buying their first home feels like a leap of faith. It’s a huge commitment, and they often make the decision only after mustering up a tremendous amount of courage. While it is true that buying a home usually takes a mindset of bravery, one must remember that discretion is the better part of valor. So for those who are ready to step into the competition to win their first home, Vahe Hayrapetian has provided some tips.

Determine and Stay within Your Financial Limits

It’s a basic financial principle, but many young couples or families conflate their wants and their needs. They may think that in buying a four-bedroom house when they need only two, they are setting the foundation for the future growth of their family. While there is nothing wrong with investing for future plans, they should also consider the financial strain they could experience. As much as possible, think objectively; determine how much income you make, how much expense you can afford, and, if possible, for how long you want to pay your home loan. A financial expert can help with this aspect.

Learn about Different Mortgage Possibilities

Once you determine your budget, you will want to learn how to work with it. When you have a specific idea of your financial limits (with current and possible future income accounted for), you’ll want to know what home loan options are open to you given those limits. You will also want to consider your long-term plans: if you intend to stay in your home for 3 decades or so, you may want a fixed mortgage. On the other hand, if you plan to move to a new home within a few years, an adjustable rate mortgage might be better. Again, it’s best to consult an expert about this. There are many other considerations to make. You may want to factor in proximity to relatives or life-stage critical facilities such as elementary schools. However, Vahe Hayrapetian advises first-time home buyers to take the two above seriously.

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Mission and A Passion, Vahe Hayrapetian and Focus on Children Now

Hard work and dedication has brought Vahe Hayrapetian to where he is today. Being an established member of society, he has made it both his mission and passion to share his fortune with those who are in need. Aside from dedicating his time to his clients in the home loans and mortgage industry, he also takes the time to give back to his community though a nonprofit organization that is near to his heart: Focus on Children Now.

Focus on Children Now

The main mission of Focus on Children Now is to provide children in need with for surviving everyday life like food, clothing, and education. By providing these basic necessities children are able to feel better about their financial situation and they become more confident in life. Focus on Children Now is also tied with the Humanitarian Aid Program which supplies children free meals while they are at school. Due to their combined efforts and avid supporters like Vahe Hayrapertian, together they are changing lives and giving kids a chance at a better future.

Feeding the Future

Patrons of nonprofit organizations like Vahe Hayrapertian understand how valuable it is to give back to their community. Children are a big part of that future and giving them the chance at a better tomorrow is a reward in itself. It is in the core belief of these organizations and everyone involved that by providing something as simple as a free meal at school will change lives as it will motivate kids to come back and learn. The work that they do isn’t just giving back to the community, it is love for the community and hope for the future generation.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Vahe Hayrapetian: Your Source for Home Loans

To have a home to call your own is one of the biggest American dreams. Scouting around the perfect area, going to several open house, and even finding the ideal realtor is all part of the process. After accomplishing all of these steps, the next and probably hardest phase is securing the proper finances. Now it’s time to ask yourself, who is the right person to handle the finances for your home?

Home Loans Made Easier

As a professional in the field of mortgage and home loans, Vahe Hayrapetian is the man to go to. Due to his years of experience in the industry, he is the sales manager that clients can count on for expert advice about taking a loan. With his dedication to provide the best customer service during the entire process and his passion to help clients, Vahe Hayrapetian does all he can to make the home loan application process as simple and as easy as possible. Anyone who is looking to living the American dream of owning a house, Vahe Hayrapetian and his professional sales team will help you as best as they can; that’s a guarantee.

What Set’s Team Hayrapetian Apart

Aside from the excellent customer service and expert advice, the company uses state-of-the art technology and the latest software applicable in the real estate market. This is to ensure that Vahe, his team, and you stay on top of any changes and important trends in real estate. With this approach, the Vahe team is able to go directly from the top realtors to home buyers for an accurate financial figure. By skipping on the middle men and the harsh process of running from banks to mortgage brokers, they come up with the best possible rates and make the home buying process a breeze. If you’re ready to own a home, Vahe Hayrapetian and his team are here to help!