Monday, May 11, 2015

A Mission and A Passion, Vahe Hayrapetian and Focus on Children Now

Hard work and dedication has brought Vahe Hayrapetian to where he is today. Being an established member of society, he has made it both his mission and passion to share his fortune with those who are in need. Aside from dedicating his time to his clients in the home loans and mortgage industry, he also takes the time to give back to his community though a nonprofit organization that is near to his heart: Focus on Children Now.

Focus on Children Now

The main mission of Focus on Children Now is to provide children in need with for surviving everyday life like food, clothing, and education. By providing these basic necessities children are able to feel better about their financial situation and they become more confident in life. Focus on Children Now is also tied with the Humanitarian Aid Program which supplies children free meals while they are at school. Due to their combined efforts and avid supporters like Vahe Hayrapertian, together they are changing lives and giving kids a chance at a better future.

Feeding the Future

Patrons of nonprofit organizations like Vahe Hayrapertian understand how valuable it is to give back to their community. Children are a big part of that future and giving them the chance at a better tomorrow is a reward in itself. It is in the core belief of these organizations and everyone involved that by providing something as simple as a free meal at school will change lives as it will motivate kids to come back and learn. The work that they do isn’t just giving back to the community, it is love for the community and hope for the future generation.

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