Friday, July 3, 2015

Pocket Listings Benefits

Mortgage professional Vahe Hayrapetian says finding a home itself is the toughest part of buying a house. Now, the real estate market is booming again as many realtors are seeking the help of an old strategy: pocket listings. Usually, real estate agents want the homes they are selling to be seen by as many people as possible, so they will be listed on databases and hold open houses for people to come see the home. But pocket listings, on the other hand, are all about holding listings back for the right buyers. Listings will not be posted everywhere, instead will only be shown to the people who are very serious about buying and will be quick to put money down on the house if the price is right. Let this article help you discuss other benefits of pocket listings.

They are growing in popularity

Today’s real estate market is becoming tougher than ever, but fortunately, pocket listings have found their way to become more mainstream. There are sellers who are more comfortable in quietly marketing their property. Through pocket listings, they can just sit on the sidelines and only sell if they get the offer that they want.

They provide a “free trial”

A seller and their agent can quietly test the market without adding it to the multiple listing service (MLS). They can assess people’s reaction about the price they’re asking and see what kind of traffic they get without the MLS clock ticking, which is a huge advantage.

Pocket listings are also known as a “silent” of “off-market” listing. They started years ago to be able for high-profile people and expensive homes to be quietly marketed. Consider dipping your toes into pocket listings. Trust us, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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