Thursday, April 28, 2016

Getting to Know Home Mortgage Broker Vahe Hayrepetian

This article concerns Glendale-based mortgage broker Vahe Hayrapetian.

A mortgage broker is someone who can ease the problems often associated with purchasing a home. Vahe Hayrapetian offers this type of service in Glendale, Calif.

Since buying a home will almost certainly involve the hassle of obtaining a mortgage, a broker is the person who can get you into the home of your dreams efficiently and possibly at less expense. In his role as a broker, Hayrapetian can help buyers find the loans that are most suitable for them. This increases the options of the buyers, who may be limited in the loans to which they have access if they search on their own.

Hayrapetian will find an array of loans and help the buyers compare the terms and the costs. He may even be able to waive the fees that often come with a mortgage loan, reducing the overall cost to the buyer.

Hayrapetian has a long history in the financial industry, having worked as the sales manager for Skyline Home Loans in Glendale and, previously, for GMAC Mortgage and Bank of America. A humanitarian interest of his is helping poor Armenian children.

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