Thursday, December 17, 2015

Vahe Hayrapetian Works With Home Loans And Realtor Services

Vahe Hayrapetian works in the Burbank California area as a real estate broker and lender. He can also be of help if you want to refinance your home or get a loan on equity left on your home. He is rated with five stars from his previous clients and is serious about his business and his clients. He is concerned about all parts of your business deal and is very quick to respond to all your emails, phone calls, and texts and is very knowledgeable in what he does. He can answer any questions you may have and explain any part of your dealings at any point and because of that, he is highly recommended by real estate agents that have used him for the past ten years. He stands by anything that he tells you honestly and can be depended on for top of the line service by him and his staff. He has previously worked as Sales Manager for Skyline Home Loans in Glendale, California and handles home loans, selling and buying of homes, and is a broker in the real estate market.

He has been encouraged by how much better the economy has gotten and how the home buying and selling market has increased, everyone involved in the real estate market is benefiting from our improving economy. He has eighteen years of experience in financial services, home loans, and refinancing of your home. He is also rated as one of the best home brokers in California.

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